About us

Game Platform Based on BlockChain

All of our company’s games are compatible with partner company’s games,
thus the players’ autonomy of moving between games is increased.

Based on blockchain, trading our cryptocurrency is not only safe and fast,
Available to make a payment with our cryptocurrency in the items in game or service options (after the release of platform and the update of compatibility of cryptocurrency of other companies for electronic wallet)
And it’s possible for the players to exchange cryptocurrency within our platform, which dramatizes usability and value of game assets.

We have invested enormous amount of time to solve the market problems and finally was able to find a solution.
Among various purposes of coins issued based on blockchain, we focused on decentralization in order to solve the problem,
and was able to develop and supply to the market a system that profit currency issuer and coin possessors as well.
Also, users can be paid 40% of quarterly profit by simply possessing our cryptocurrency.

  • Partner
    Game-Centered Global Business Partner
  • Professional Manpower
    Professional manpower with experience, career, and capacity
  • Operating System
    Operating system and know-how that can safely create high profits
  • Management
    Transparent management and principle of distribution of wealth


Productive and rational management via dominance of planning and development

  • The birth of GENTRION
    Project to generate economic gains for both the company and users
  • Advantages of GENTRION
    Outstanding accessibility of men and women in all ages as it is creative and economic form and mobile environment in the mining form through mobile game and platform
  • Diversity of GENTRION
    Without any limitation to a specific game, it is possible to freely move between the company’s games and services, and it can be used as payment method for services of all partnered businesses

Business ideology

  • Decentralization

    Rights and Interests



  • Game platform based on blockchain. System that economically benefits company and users. Fast and safe trading based on blockchain. Possible to exchange cryptocurrency with game items. Improved usability of items by enabling exchange between users on the platform. Decreased item purchase costs by enabling exchange between players. Easier generation of economic gains for users through payback service system. Increased autonomy of moving between games by enabling game compatibility of our company and partnered companies.

Interpretation and Advantages

While our cryptocurrency is based on the value and principle of decentralization, Our operation method takes similar form of CRYPTOASSET.
This categorizes stock, certificate, contracts, etc. as CRYPTOASSET and this is categorized as marketable securities.
Such CRYPTOASSET-generating company must distribute profits and pay interests to possessors. By having the obligation to clearly specifying and honestly disclosing assets such as assets and business profits, possessor’s asset will be naturally accumulated and protected.

We believe that this is a rational system and will abide by this principle as priority.
The disclosure, of course, will require compliance with relevant laws such as taxes from regulators. We think this is also fair and reasonable.
Because decentralization is prevention of concentration and distribution, not to engage in illegal activities. Rather, these methods will help identify harmful issuers and create a fairer and more transparent cryptocurrency market.

  • Fair and transparent money market
  • Fair and rational
  • accumulation and protection of possessor’s wealth


Trust and communication through transparent and rational management

Our company's cryptocurrency that users receive from playing games and platform can be exchanged for game items within the games (compatible in every game on the platform with themselves)

GENTION cryptocurrency can be obtained through POINT earned from our company's games and platforms

Possible to receive 40% quarterly by simply possessing our company’s cryptocurrency

After the listing on the International, exchange is available immediately

We promise that we will move away from corporate greed and set our foundation on realizing profits for all users who own our cryptocurrency and give back to the society (donation), based on which we will put our efforts into gains and happiness for all relevant individuals with transparency and communication as the principle of management, disclosing all management-related matters to prevent any miscommunication or distrust.


Our cryptocurrency is a multi-type token that maximizes the choice of use by the token holder by integrating point, e-money, and cryptocurrency functions.

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